I have discovered that I definitely fall for individuals too hard and too fast..

I can’t help it.. But maybe I can? Gotta train myself to just be a robot.

Definitely not as easy as it sounds..

Is it weird

to want to have deep conversations with someone, anyone, late at night? That’s really when someone opens up talks with true passion and honesty and no regrets, if you think about it. I haven’t had one of those talks in a long time and I miss them. It’s exhilarating.

I love just listening. I love when true emotions are finally revealed.

Everyone’s getting in “relationships” left and right. And I’m just still just sitting here single and ready to mingle for the longest time…

Whatever. I’ll just continue to “patiently” wait like I have been. Can’t miss what I never had, right?

Gotta continue my positive track 👌


if anyone cares…

I finally, finally met a guy…


If you don’t use proper grammar while texting/talking to me, I can’t take you seriously. It makes me feel all uncomfortable.




I feel extremely stupid.

I thought that maybe this whole boy/male/flirting thing would maybe work out in my favor this one time, but of course I was wrong. Why on earth did I expect to actually get the guy I wanted? It never works out for me o;masf;dlkfj

Why does God curse me with such bad luck with guys? It’s like, I was born to repel them. Even when I actively pursue one, things never work out.

This is why I let myself consciously like anyone, ever. It takes forever for me to start liking someone, and then it takes forever for me to actually do something about it. I don’t like investing time and effort if the end product will be a failure, all the time. That’s why I stopped trying until now. But I’ll stop trying, yet again.

I suppose it’s time to go be a nun. Just call me, Sister Sara. I will be starring in the movie Sister Act III: Sara’s Bad Habit.

I can’t even read Fifty Shades of Grey or its predecessors again.

Not because of the sex and stuff, because believe me, I enjoyed that oh so much.

I just can’t handle the emotional shit dawg. Like, I don’t want to bust out crying like I did. You know what I mean? Real niggas don’t cry.

The struggle is real y’all.


I actually applaud JB for smoking weed (no surprise there, coming from me).

Clearly he gives no fucks, which is the right thing to do since he’s in the spotlight, you know?

Cut for Bieber? <—- Dumbest shit I have ever heard in my life. Just proves that his fanbase is not as intelligent as they think they are. They’re not even real fans if they don’t approve of one of his life choices. Plus, you can’t just sit there and joke about cutting with a clear conscience. If you do, you’re clearly a bad person.

That is all.

I like reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower out loud. I kind of imagine that I’m Charlie, you know?

Maybe it’s just me..